Extend human potential
by eliminating repetitive tasks

At Cinnamon we are working to make a world
where human creativity can flourish
by using our AI technology to replace all the repetitive,
mind-numbing tasks that take place today.


Cinnamon provides Deep Learning backed AI products.

Cinnamon provides Products for Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer system that can learn, infer, recognize, and judge like humans do. A simple computer can perform by following the given programs, but an AI computer can respond to audience and situations flexibly.

AI still cannot perform like human brains but is already competing or surpassing humans for the limited areas and objectives.

Cinnamon aims to extend human potential for more productive and creative work by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Flax Scanner is an AI Document Reader to automate the data extraction from unstructured documents.

The businesses suffer from excessive repetitive tasks and waste millions of hours because human needs to read documents. Business documents are usually unstructured such as Invoice, Financial Statements, and etc. Flax Scanner enables enterprises to automate those data extraction and processing and to reduce the cost and speed up the operations.
This tool can apply for both hand-writing and text data.

Invoice, Receipt, Insurance Claim, Financial Statements, etc

Lapis Engine is a highly accurate recommendation/matching engine.

By utilizing vectorization of user and product information, it achieves highly accurate recommendation and matching which simple NLP and Collaborative Filtering cannot achieve.

Real estate portal web site, Online recruiting website, E-Commerce

Scuro Bot is a Chatbot which understands natural languages.

While many Chatbots interact with simple and limited response patterns like Yes/No, Select from A, B, C, Scuro Bot can make sure smooth communication with natural human languages.
Scuro Bot can work for various scenes by utilizing Natural Language Processing, Intent Classifier, and Responding Module.

Concierge Agency on EC, Scheduling assistant, Customer Support

Rossa Voice is a AI-backed Voice Recognition solution that performs high accuracy by combining Smart Dictionary and Natural Language Processing.

It enables enterprises to recognize company specific unique keyword which are easy to be mis-recognized by generic AI engines. This real-time Voice Recognition is also integrated with Auto Keyword Corrector. We apply this engine for creating meeting minutes, providing recommendations for call centers.

Call center, Meeting minutes, etc




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