Cinnamon AI announces a new Board of Directors.

Cinnamon AI announces that Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe becomes a Board of Directors.


Cinnamon AI provides AI consulting and AI products to realize advanced business AI solutions under our purpose to create “A world full of creation with AI where everyone can dream a new future”.  Specifically, Cinnamon AI creates new business structures for its clients based on their knowledge in the AI era, and has a track record of providing AI solutions and products and services to more than 100 major Japanese corporations as a Sherpa of change to lead their exponential growth.


With the addition of Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe, who has extensive experience in business and organizational management, general management, overseas business, and new business incubation at Recruit Holdings, Cinnamon AI continues to strengthen its management structure and drive the businesses.


■Profile of Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe

Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe
In 1991, he joined Recruit. He served as Company Partner of Business Management Office, Head of Career Division of HR Company, and Executive Officer of RECRUIT CAREER.  His responsibilities included the HR area, business management and development, corporate venture capital establishment, investments, acquisitions, and sell-off in the US, Europe, and Asia, and PMI of acquired companies.  In 2021, he became an advisor to Recruit.  He graduated from Nagoya University with a bachelor’s degree in economics.


■Comments from Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe

Cutting-edge technology is enabling companies to envision a creative future that is not an extension of the past.  However, in order to open up the possibilities of that future, it is essential to be passionate, never give up, and persistent.   I was amazed by the passion of Cinnamon AI people who are determined to create a new business structure in the age of AI together with their clients and then decided to join Cinnamon AI.  One of Cinnamon AI’s management policies is a sentence that reads, “Be the Sherpa of change that leads exponential growth.”  Sherpas are a minority group in Nepal who support mountaineering teams with expert, determined determination. I would like to learn to be a Sherpa for the growth of each individual and organization.