Information Security Policy

Cinnamon Inc.’s purpose is to provide AI services. In order to achieve this purpose, we are committed to protecting information assets handled by our company from any and all threats, and to meeting trust of all stakeholders. We hereby establish Information Security Policy and implement safe and appropriate information security measures.


1. We establish an internal system for information security, allocate necessary resources, and promote formulation and operation of rules and regulations.

2. We identify all the information assets handled by our company, conduct risk assessments, and implement necessary security control measures to ensure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are not compromised.

3. We comply with laws, national guidelines, other social norms (including ISO27001 in particular), and various contractual obligations regarding the handling of information assets.

4. We ensure that all directors, employees, and other persons who use our information assets adhere to this Policy by regularly conducting necessary education and training.

5. We strive to prevent occurrence of information security incidents. When identifying an incident, we respond immediately and set recurrence prevention measures.

6. We operate and the management system necessary for the implementation of this Information Security Policy for continual improvement.


April 1, 2023
Miku Hirano, Representative Director and Co-CEO
Hajime Hotta, Representative Director and Co-CEO
Cinnamon Inc.