Cinnamon has the vision to create a top-tier talent team in the Asia Pacific through continuously creating disruptive innovations to extend human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks.


We are currently looking for talents in these positions below, do not hesitate to contact us if you have what it takes:


● Project Manager

● AI Engineer – AI Researcher

● AI Engineer Intern

● Software Engineer


Sign On Bonus $1000++

If you have an urge to change your job at the moment, look no further – Cinnamon gots you!


Yes, we know that most of people do not want (or cannot?) to leave their position at the current company for earning year-end bonus, 13th month salary… etc. But does it worth?


The answer is up to you! But we do have Sign On Bonus $1000+ for those who are brave enough to explore a new door named Cinnamon AI Labs. Get on board with us: (AI related positions only).


CV send to: