Privacy Policy


We, Cinnamon, Inc., deeply recognize that the customer’s personal information is important when carrying out a business related to research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) programs; when handling personal information in our business, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations related to personal information, and will establish internal rules and organizational systems for the protection of personal information, striving to provide appropriate protection for personal information, to show respect for our customers and to respond to their expectations and trust in us.



We will specify the purposes for which we use personal information in the scope of our business activities, and will collect, use and, provide personal information fairly and properly, and only to the extent necessary to achieve our business purposes, except in cases where
(i) we receive consent for further use from the person
to whom the personal information belongs (the “Person”) and
(ii) when broader disclosure is required by applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, the personal information we acquire will not be provided to third parties
except with the consent of the relevant Person and as stated above.


We will comply with laws, regulations, and guidelines established by the government and with other norms and social orders related to personal information, and will strive to protect personal information appropriately.


We fully recognize the dangers of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, loss, damage, etc., relating to personal information in our possession, and will implement reasonable security measures.
If problems occur, we will take appropriate corrective action.

In addition, we will take all appropriate measures regarding disposal of personal information.

Furthermore, we may outsource or jointly use personal information in cooperation with other companies;
in such cases, we will supervise the outsource(s) or joint-user(s) regarding its (their) management of the security of personal information according to the law, at our responsibility.


We will respond appropriately to any inquiries,
such as requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, complaints or consultations from any Person.


We will establish management rules and management systems regarding the protection of personal information, and will conduct thorough enforcement of these rules with all employees. We will review the rules and procedures regularly, and strive for continuous improvement.


2nd, August, 2019

Cinnamon, Inc.

CEO     Miku Hirano

<Contact for personal information protection>

Personal Information Counter

Personal Information Protection Manager  Mikiya Imai

TEL +813-6807-4091



We are working to ensure appropriate protection of personal information based on the “PRIVACY POLICY.”
We are informing you about the personal information
we acquire or hold for use in our business, as follows.

(1) Name of Entities Handling Personal Information

Cinnamon, Inc.

(2) Name, Affiliation and Contact Address of Chief Privacy Officer

Mikiya Imai, Personal Information Protection Manager


(3) Purpose of Use Personal Information

The purposes for which we use personal information acquired in our business activities are as follows.

(i)     Retained Personal Data

Classification Purpose of use
Client information used for business management, correspondence, charge management, and payment management
Employee information used for employee management activities (including without limitation business management, personnel management, salary, benefits)
Applicants information used for recruitment activities (including without limitation providing information on recruitment, recruitment decisions, communications about recruitment)
Retiree information to correspond with retirees
Inquirer information to reply to inquiries
Information about the Person and its authorized representative, in the case of requests for disclosure etc. to respond to requests

And other purposes specified separately in writing.

(ii)    Other Information

Classification Purpose of use
Personal information acquired through Consignment used for execution of contracts and related correspondences, execution of consignments, and aftercare.
Personal information acquired through our recruitment website used for recruitment decisions and to notify the decision

(4) Contact for Personal Information

Please provide any complaints, requests for consultation, and inquiries about personal information (including Retained Personal Data) to the Contact for personal information protection named at the end of this document. 

(5) Name of the authorized personal information protection organization to which we belong and the contact point for complaints


(6) Process for Disclosure

We promptly deal with demands from any Person related to the Retained Personal Data referred to in (3) (i) above (including without limitation requests for notification of the purposes of use, disclosures, corrections of content, corrections or additions, deletion of information, suspension of usage, and termination of provision of information to third parties).

If you request disclosures, we will respond within a reasonable period and range provided we can confirm you are the Person to whom the information relates or the authorized representative of the Person.

(7) Reception Method and Contact Office for Disclosure

Please contact to the Contact for Retained Personal Data protection named below if you wish want to request disclosure or other actions regarding the personal information referred to in (3) (i) above.  If you contact us, we will send you our request form by mail, fax, or e-mail.  Please complete the form and return it, enclosing the required documents (you will need to pay the proper postage).

We will reply in writing provided we can confirm you are the Person or authorized representative of the Person to whom the requested information relates.

Please note that we may not be able to respond to your request if it does not comply with the description above.

<Contact for personal information protection>

Department in charge Personal Information Counter
Contact address

Personal Information Protection Manager:Mikiya Imai

Address  :3-19-13 Toranomon, 6F Sprit Building, Minato City,

Tōkyō-to 105-0001, Japan

TEL/FAX  :+813-6807-4091/+813-6807-4092