Cinnamon has been selected to Nomura Accelerator Program, ‘Voyager’

Cinnamon has been selected to Nomura Accelerator Program, ‘Voyager (‘, organized by Nomura Holdings, Inc.  (Chuo-ku Tokyo, President and Group CEO: Koji Nagai).  We will develop a service to improve white-collar productivity with the theme of ‘Leading business and work style for tomorrow.’

‘How to create meaningful values’ under the dilemma between nation-wide production decrease and overtime increase is one of Japanese social problems.

Through this accelerator program, we utilize the AI technologies of Cinnamon and the IT systems of  Nomura Holdings and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) to optimize communication, task management, and knowledge management for team collaborations.

Then, we develop a service to revolve work style and productivity of people by utilizing Cinnamon’s AI document reader, Chat bot, and Recommendation engine.


Cinnamon has develped the technical foundation as AI platform for ‘White-collar productivity improvement.’  Through this program, we will develop more advanced technologies for  ‘Leading business and work style for tomorrow.’


About Nomura Accelerator Program, ‘Voyager’

Nomura Accelerator Program, ‘Voyager’, is the program for our partner corporations (Nomura group, NRI, and Nomura Real Estate Development group) to collaborate with venture companies who share the same passion to solve social problems and.  We expect to conduct test marketing for new business incubations by utilizing various assets from the partner corporations.  We also consider potential business collaboration and investment with participating venture companies.


The press release from Nomura Holdings is here.