CEO Ms. Miku receives Nikkei Woman of the Year 2019.

Nikkei Woman, a women’s career and lifestyle magazine published by Nikkei Business Publications announced the ten winners of its Woman of the Year 2019. The Award is to honor the accomplishments of women who showed outstanding performance in various quarters.

CEO Ms. Miku Hirano receives Innovative Entrepreneur Award.



The below are the details about the awards from the press release of Nikkei Business Publications.


The Woman of the Year aims to contribute to;

1.Present a role model for working women

2.Highlight an individual’s achievements that are often buried within an organization

3.Capture the edge of changes of the times through accomplishments of outstanding women

It is an annual award presented since 1999 and now is in its 20th year. Nikkei Woman has been supporting working women since it was first published in 1988. Through its Women of the Year Award honoring the accomplishments of outstanding women in society, the magazine will continue to support and motivate working women for the next generation.