Takeshi Niinami will be joining the growing ranks as an advisor.

Cinnamon will invite Takeshi Niinami as an advisor starting Feb 1st, 2019, to strengthen the management structure and drive global expansion.


■Reasons for Takeshi Niinami joining Cinnamon

Mr. Niinami has a strong track record leading several enterprise Japanese firms at the CEO level. Cinnamon’s AI drives workflow innovation and with Mr. Niinami’s strong global management experience, Cinnamon will continue to grow to meet our client’s dynamic needs. Cinnamon continues to advance its mission of “extending human potential by eliminating repetitive tasks’” by providing its AI solutions as the cure to customers who suffer from monotonous tasks.


■Comment from Takeshi Niinami

“The AI industry has transformed society, but ‘resourcefulness’ is important to utilize those advanced technologies to society truly.  Human need to make more creative works and vibrant lives by utilizing the power of AI.  I look forward to contributing to the fulfillment of Cinnamon’s mission that pursues the realization of such a society.”


■Profile of Takeshi Niinami

Takeshi Niinami

Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer at Suntory Holdings Limited.  Born in Kanagawa, Tokyo, in 1959.  MBA, Harvard Business School, in 1991.  Started career at Mitsubishi Corporation in 1981.  Joined Lawson as President and CEO in 2002.  Joined Suntory Holdings in 2014; currently President and CEO, Member of the Board, Representative Director.  Advisory Committee to the Chairman at Japan Association of Corporate Executives.  Executive Officer of Japan Association of New Economy.  Vice Chairman of the Board of Councillors of Japan Business Federation.  Member. Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy (CEFP) since September 2014, International Business Council of World Economic Forum.


【Cinnamon Inc. Company Information】
Company Name:Cinnamon Inc.
HQ:1-9-16 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Incorporation:October 2016

CEO:Ms. Miku Hirano


■Business Overview: AI product business, AI consulting development

Cinnamon provides Flax Scanner, a cognitive document reader, and other AI engines for top large corporations in Japan.  Since Flax Scanner’s launch in April 2017, Cinnamon has acquired over 200 Sales leads and provided top-level AI solutions in Japan.


On top Flax Scanner, Cinnamon provides Scuro Bot (Chat bot understanding Natural Language and Lapis Engine (Recommendation engine) for Customer Support, Interview Arrangement, Property Portal Website, and others.

■Product Overview: Flax Scanner, Cinnamon’s core product
Flax Scanner is an Auto-documentation tool which enables users to extract information from application forms, documents, and Email, and to create formatted documents.

Flax Scanner understands contexts and reformats the documents from unstructured business documents and email. This tool can apply to both hand-writing and text data.

1) It can apply to any type of unstructured, business documents.

2) It has the high recognition accuracy for hand-written reading.  Japanese hand-writing reading accuracy at 99.2% for research data and 95-98% for real business data.

3) It improves accuracy by using auto-correctors build with client databases.

4) It can be used in both on-premise- and cloud- based by following customers’ security policies.