Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji, former Accenture Japan CMI, becomes Chairman and Executive Officer.

Cinnamon announces that Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji becomes the Chairman and Executive Officer.


■Background of the appointment of Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji to the Chairman and Executive Officer

Cinnamon has had over 100 top AI researchers in Asia and grown the business in Business AI fields for creating a society that people have productive and creative lives.  We have large enterprise customers from Insurance, Financial institutes, and Manufacturers and provide AI solutions to drive digital transformation and to improve productivity for corporate through Intelligent Document Capturing, Voice Recognition, and so on.

Mr. Kaji has various project experience both in private and public sectors.  He was the former Chief Marketing Innovator at Accenture Japan contributing Branding, Open Innovation, Technology Marketing, SDGs Integrated Program, and Work Transformation Project.

Cinnamon has strengthen the management structure by inviting experienced members who have expertise in AI and business management.

By inviting Mr. Kaji into our management members, we expect to utilize his global perspective and management experience to strengthen the management structure more.


■Comments from Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji

I decided to join Cinnamon because I strongly believe the Cinnamon’s big pictures below.

ーSolidify roadmaps that technology like AI will make the future of people glorious.

ーGrowth with Asia is important to revolutionize Japan’s growth curve.

ーBy proving a startup growth model that connects young energetic entrepreneur teams and

We will show greatness of various career opportunities and diverse management teams by proving great performances of the combination of young founders and experienced management teams.  This is a great and meaningfull challenge for a very aging society like Japan.


■Profile of Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji


Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji


Yoshimitsu Kaji graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with BA in Economics. After working at the Fuji Bank and advertising agencies, he graduated Kellogg Graduate School of Management, earning MBA. After his graduation, he joined Coca-Cola (Japan) company responsible for Coca-Cola and Georgia brands. After that, he served as Marketing Director responsible for titles such as “The Matrix” and “A.I.”, at Time Warner, Inc. After transferring to Sony Pictures Entertainment, he led marketing of “Spiderman” and the TV animation “Astro Boy” as Vice President, Marketing. He then moved to Nissan Motor Company, Inc., as Marketing Director for Luxury products, such as CIMA, FUGA, TIANA, SKYLINE, and NISSAN GT-R. He then seconded as General Manager for Overseas Division at Autech Japan supervising business for the United States, Europe and Asia. He also served as Executive Director for the Tokyo Olympic Bid Committee. After his return to Nissan, he was responsible global introduction of Nissan LEAF as senior manager for Global Zero Emission Business Unit and Global Marketing. Starting this year, he worked for the Prime Minister’s Office, dealing with the marketing of “Japan Brand.”  Then, he worked for Accenture Japan as Cheif Marketing Innovator.  He is the President of Kellogg Alumni Club of Japan.

■New Management Teams (After next general annual meeting)

【Board members】

Position Name Notes
CEO Ms. Miku Hirano Co-founder at Cinnamon AI

Former Co-founder at Naked Technology

Chairman Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji Former Chief Marketing Innovator at Accenture Japan

Former Director at the Prime Minister’s Office, Kamakura city counselor


COO Mr. Yoshiaki Ieda Co-founder at Cinnamon AI

Former P&G Singapore

Former Recruit Holdings, etc

Outside Board of Director Mr. Makoto Takano Chairman and Publisher of Forbes JAPAN at linkties Co., Ltd.

D4V (Design for Ventures) Founder and CEO

Former President of PIMCO Japan

Fomer Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Outside Board of Director Dr. Hiroaki Kitano President & CEO at Sony Computer Science Laboratories

Executive Officer at Sony

Outside Board of Director Mr. Aki Mori CFO at RENOVA, Inc.

Former Goldman Sachs

Former Japan CPA

Outside Board of Director
(Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Mr. Masaru Yamazaki Former Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

Former Director at BAKE Overseas (Singapore, China, Taiwan, the US)

Outside Board of Director
(Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Mr. Akihiko Yamamoto CEO at WARC

Japan CPA

Outside Board of Director
(Audit and Supervisory Committee)
Ms. Makiko Tsuda Nishimura & Asahi


6 board of directors out of 9 board of directors


【Executive Officers】

Role Name
CEO Ms. Miku Hirano
Chairman Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji
COO Mr. Yoshiaki Ieda
CAIO Dr. Hajime Hotta
CFO Mr. Mikiya Imai
CSO Mr. Tatsuo Sato


Picture:From top left, Mr. Kaji, Mr. Takano, Dr. Kitano, Ms. Hirano, Mr. Ieda, and Mr. Mori