Sep27 17:20 JST~ CEO Ms. Miku has the presentation at PERSON OF FIN/SUM in Tokyo.

CEO Ms. Miku has the presentation at 17:20 JST on Sep 27 at PERSON OF FIN/SUM.

PERSON OF FIN / SUM 2018 is an 18-minute speech opportunity by promising startup founders. The only topic is “Why I need 20 billion yen financing”.  This program is not a contest. You surely have a valuable time to be moved by the entrepreneurs’ life and vision.


The details of PERSON OF FIN/SUM is available from the below link (Japanese).


*FIN/SUM 2018

FIN/SUM is a fintech summit and conference that connects the global finance and tech industries while promoting disruptive innovation across the globe. It grew to be the largest and most influential fintech summit in Japan and one of the largest in Asia and globally. This 3rd consecutive FIN/SUM is additionally incorporating the second edition of REG/SUM – the regtech summit.