平野未来 / Miku Hirano


Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. MSc, in Artificial Intelligence, from Tokyo University. Engaged in research on Recommendation Engine, Complex Network, Clustering. Won the Innovative Software Creation Program (Super Creator Award) under Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (IPA) in 2005 and 2006. Started her first business to create the middleware which enables to develop iOS / Android / Feature Phone simultaneously, and sold the company to Founded Cinnamon in Singapore in 2012.

堀田創 / Dr. Hajime Hotta


Serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor. PhD, in Neural Network, from Keio University. Engaged in research on Recommendation Engine, Neural Network. In 2005, joined Sirius Technologies Inc. and in charge of developing AdLocal, a geo-targeting digital advertising network. Won the Innovative Software Creation Program (Super Creator Award) under IPA in 2005 and 2006. Exited his companies 3 times in Japan. Founded Cinnamon in 2012.

家田佳明 / Yoshiaki Ieda

シリアル・アントレプレナー。電通、リクルート、P&G Singapore、起業を経て、Cinnamonへ参画。豊富な新規事業立ち上げ経験から、新規事業コンサルティング・プロダクト/サービスデザインを担当。事業要件と技術的解決策の橋渡しを行う。

Serial entrepreneur. 13 years of experience in Global Business and Entrepreneurship in Internet & FMCG industries including start-up experience. Previously, led global expansions of one of the billion-dollar Procter & Gamble brands in Singapore. Providing consulting services on New Business Creation and Product/Service Design by connecting true business needs and technical solutions.